About Us

Who We Are

We are a local, family owned and operated cleaning company specializing in residential homes.

Rose and Erin, the mother-daughter team of owners with backgrounds in healthcare pride themselves in providing superior customer service with a personal touch.

We started this business in January 2012 because as consumers we recognized a major gap in top quality service in the Winnipeg area. While there are many individuals and companies offering residential cleaning, few live up to the standards that they boast about. That’s why we chose Outshine as our name, we shine up your home while outshining the competition.

As owners we take responsibility and ownership over each cleaning by either performing the service ourselves or directly training and supervising our amazing team.

Speaking of our amazing team, each staff member submits a clear criminal record with reference checks. They undergo orientation and training before ever stepping foot on customer property. Afterwards they train under direct supervision for up to 4 weeks until they pass our rigorous evaluation system.

Only the hardest working, most detail oriented people get to be Outshine Cleaning team members. We expect a lot from our staff and compensate them accordingly, this makes all the difference in how staff behave in and treat your home.Who would you rather invite into your home:  a well paid, well trained, well supervised and valued Outshine team member or someone making barely above minimum wage, sent to your home after not much more than an interview? And if there is ever an issue, its the owners you deal with directly, we’re here to make your life easier.  

What we offer

  • Proof of our insurance and bonding
  • We send the same cleaner(s) on each visit so you can count on consistency
  • Flexible and customizable service plans resulting in shining, healthy living and working spaces. You tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.
  • No service contracts, you can modify or cancel anytime (24 hours notice is required)
  • Eco-friendly cleaning is provided free of charge. We believe in protecting people, pets and the planet from harsh, dangerous chemicals.
  • After years of testing equipment, products and techniques we’re proud to boast the most efficient, safest and highest quality cleaning service.
  • Our rates are comparable to a lot of companies out there, but because we are able to complete the job faster and with better quality we really can’t be beat
  • Our referral bonus program, draws and contests on Facebook earn our customers hundreds of dollars of free cleaning every year
  • We service all of Winnipeg with time slots available Tuesday-Friday between 8:00am – 4:00pm.
  • Evening appointments are available for estimates