1. Billing: Rates vary according to frequency of service and are subject to applicable taxes.Payment is due on the day of service, if payment has not been left service may be cancelled. Payment may be made by cash, cheque made out to Outshine Home Cleaning or by e-transfer. NSF cheques are subject to an additional charge. After 7 days 10% late payment fee will apply.

2. Keys and Entry: You may provide us with a key, garage door opener, or lock code in order to enter the home. Outshine Cleaning assumes no liability for the security of the premises if you leave your door unlocked or hide a key on the property. Keys in our possession are coded for security purposes and are returned once all monies owing have been received.

3. Insurance and Breakage: We are insured through Intact Insurance company, our policy includes an ’employee dishonesty’ clause which is equivalent to bonding. While in your home we take the utmost care, however if any damage occurs you will be notified and the item will be repaired or replaced. We do not assume liability for damages caused to items, fixtures or finishes that were already  in a state of ill repair prior to our services being provided.

4. Pets: We have no problem working around pets, however if cleaners encounter an aggressive animal service will be cancelled and late cancellation charges will apply.

5. Cancellations: You may cancel or modify your service at any time, cancellations require 24 hours notice or a $40 fee will be charged. Email or call the office line, messages can be left 24 hours a day.

6. Estimates and Add-Ons: There are many factors affecting the time it takes to clean a home so we offer free, no obligation in-home estimates. This gives you the chance to meet us and us the chance to assess your needs in order to give you a fair and accurate estimate. Estimates are approximate and actual cleaning time may vary, which may require pricing adjustments. If you require additional services not originally discussed at the time of the estimate please contact the office as additional charges may apply, or there may not be enough time to complete all your desired tasks.

7. Privacy and Safety: We do not enter any rooms or closets with closed doors unless explicit instructions are given by the customer to do so. If you are not home and the doorbell rings access will not be granted to anyone unless the customer gives explicit consent regarding access by visitors. Doors are kept locked while we are in the home and are locked upon exit unless other instructions are given. If you instruct us to leave the door open when we leave we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the security of the premises.

8. Products & Equipment: Customers provide a vacuum, tub/shower cleaner and toilet brush. We provide everything else that is needed.

9. Service Guarantee: If for any reason you are not totally satisfied contact the office within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will make it right. Service guarantee is null if there are people in the home during/after the time of the cleaning. We do not guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning.

10. Holidays: We are closed on all holidays, so if your regularly scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday it will need to be re-scheduled or it will be skipped.

11. Weather: In the event of blizzard/heavy snowfall, freezing rain or other hazardous conditions it may  it may be necessary to re-schedule service. If cleaning is scheduled after a large snowfall there must be a path cleared to the home. Similarly, icy steps and walkways require traction materials to be applied. If access to the home is obstructed or otherwise deemed unsafe service will be cancelled and late cancellation fees may apply.

12. Referral Program: Refer a friend who signs up for weekly or biweekly cleaning and after their 3rd service receive a free cleaning! (max $90 value)

13. Health & Safety: We do not clean anything higher than we can reach with a 2-step ladder and/or extension duster, nor are we able to move large or heavy furniture/appliances. Light fixtures that are within reach will be dusted in place, if they require more detailed cleaning the homeowner is responsible to disassemble and reassemble them. We do not clean up any pet or human bodily fluids (including but not limited to blood, urine, vomit, etc.)

14.Before the cleaners arrive: It is not necessary to clean before staff arrive however anything you do to save us time saves you money so it is recommended that homeowners take a short amount of time to minimize clutter so that you get the best value for your money as time spent by the cleaners picking up or tidying may result in there not being enough time for other tasks to get done. If bed linen changes are requested beds must be stripped with fresh linens placed on top. If washing of walls is required all artwork, photos etc must be removed, if not we will clean around these items. If additional/unanticipated tasks require our attention that were not previously discussed (i.e. picking up toys or clothes, washing dishes etc) additional charges may apply.

15.Scheduling: weekly, biweekly and monthly customers are scheduled on a 1, 2 or 4 week rotation with service occurring on the same day of the week. Operational requirements occasionally require that appointments be bumped to another day, but notice will be given. Unless you are the first appointment of the day at 8:00a, we can not guarantee arrival times.

16.Outshine Staff: All staff submit a clear criminal record check as a condition of employment. we send the same cleaner(s) on each visit however due to operational requirements alternate staffing may occur (holidays, sick leave, etc). All team members receive formal and onsite training. Insurance policies and service guarantees are in full effect during training.