No project is exactly the same.

We’re happy to meet with you prior to booking services, review your needs and give you a free, no obligation estimate on the time it would take to provide our services to your satisfaction. Estimates are done in home and take about 10-15 minutes. After a tour and interview we’re able to suggest how many hours should be purchased to accomplish your needs. Estimates are approximate, actual cleaning time may vary so pricing adjustments may occur.

Pricing  is by the hour, per cleaner and subject to applicable taxes. Customers purchase their desired amount of service hours and then provide us with a priority list of tasks to complete in that time frame.

Rates vary according to frequency of service and a minimum charge per visit applies. Please call us for our current rates.  Additional fees may apply for travel outside the perimeter highway.

The most cost effective option is to purchase more frequent service for a shorter amount of time (i.e. 2 hours every 2 weeks vs 4 hours every month). Our services are completely flexible allowing you to arrange a schedule of rotational tasks; for example on each visit we can clean the high traffic areas like the entryways, kitchen and bathrooms, but rotate tasks that you deem don’t need to be completed as frequently such as cleaning the bedrooms, home office, basement or detail work like cleaning baseboards, blinds etc.  

The time it takes to clean a home is affected by:

  • Square footage
  • Pets and children
  • # and size of bathrooms
  • Clutter
  • Flooring type
  • Add on/rotational tasks
  • Fixtures requiring detail work
  • Frequency of maintenance/amount of build up 

Contact us for your free estimate.